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Our mission at Clay is to promote and create demand for local African superfoods, drinks and snacks especially from northern Nigeria. We aim to educate people with the benefits of Africa's super foods and  at the same time trade with local women in order to create sustainable incomes for them.

Clay produces stand alone and complimentary food items from organic ingredients combined in traditional ways for a natural and healthy diet.  We have gone down to our roots to bring back original recipes, produced in the most hygienic manner ensuring the delivery of tasty and  healthy products.

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Let our Indigenous Drinks give you a taste of Nigeria


Enjoy the most scrumptious delicacies  from Northern Nigeria


Let Clay take you down memory lane with the best of Local Northern/Nigerian treats and snacks


Spice up all your meals with our Northern Cooking Essentials


Our Honey is wild, unadulterated, no preservatives added, 100% pure the way nature intended it

Super Foods

Boost your health and immune system with our nutrient dense Super Foods



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